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Cassettes Are Back: Stones Throw Records

Cassettes Are Back: Stones Throw Records

25.09.14  /  Words: Jonathan Frederick Turton

Remember Cassettes? Those things that played music, usually bought in Woolworths when holidaying in Rhos-On-Sea, Wales? Well people are listening to them again. Big time. So much so, Stones Throw Records are dropping latest releases on the resilient, grey bastards.

Like the Uzbeki Snow Leopard, analog audio recording is staging a fightback- and winning. This Saturday afternoon, the legendary US label are doing a pop-up shop in Los Angeles, celebrating "Cassette Store Day", with new cassette releases of Donuts and Madvillainy, and all new-releases by Guilty Simpson and Ras G. 

DJs Peanut Butter Wolf, J Rocc, Matthewdavid and Knxwledge will be doing all-cassette DJ sets too. Amazingly, it’s a free event and Stone Brewing Co is providing free beer. All we need to sort now is a flight to California…

Because Ryanair don’t fly there yet, Stones Throw’s new cassette will be available online as well – if there's any left – on Mon, Sep. 29, and can be bought here.



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