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04.09.14  /  Words: Mamnick  /  Images: Mamnick

Mamnick (pronounced ‘Mam’-’Nick’) is the road that leaves Hope valley and begins it’s steady ascent of Mam Tor, deep within the splendor of the Peak District. ‘The Peaks’ are one of the most picturesque locations in Britain. Mamnick is a brand inspired by these scenes, on the door-step of where our manufacturing takes place. 

Before visiting Mam Nick it was a mythical place to me. I’d been told stories about the feat that it imposed, the torturous drag before the steep finale that can be a grovel if you’re not prepared for it. It’s a hidden climb you may (or may not) do only 2-3 times a year. As you approach Mam Tor to your left hand side, while the road runs parallel to the Sheffield-Manchester train-line, you get to size it up as you make your way towards the foot of the steeper section. Once you’re over the top, you get to feel that great sense of triumph. A feeling that money can’t buy. I was already in love with the place before I designed any products.

I’m just as passionate about our manufacturing process and proud to say that our entire inventory is made in South Yorkshire. (apart from a small Japanese capsule collection).

I tip my hat to my Grandad, Eric Barnett every time I work with steel. He spent his entire working life within the famous Sheffield steel industry and lived only six miles away from the factory.

Our shirts are made by people only a stone’s throw away from the road that my Grandad and I grew-up on. A family community where every weave and stitch has a story - it’s this family of people with their craft and workmanship that make us who we are. It’s nice to work so closely with manufactures that share the same feelings towards Britain’s manufacturing heritage and I’m grateful to them. Our buttons are made in Sheffield close to where I live now and we are working with a small shoe manufacturer in Derbyshire on a limited run of casual touring cycling shoes, inspired by Britains most famous cycle-tourist Ian Hibell.

You could say Mamnick is a brand inspired by my love for the bike, but it’s is not a cycling brand. My ethos is very straightforward - “Do one thing at a time, as beautifully as possible”.


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