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Umbro Pro Training x The Rig Out: LAds

Umbro Pro Training x The Rig Out: LAds

17.06.15  /  Words: Matthew Staples

Who'd have thought Gareth Southgate was a trendsetter?

Seems the gonk was years, if not decades ahead of his time. If you need proof, check out this collection of LA 'ish from Umbro Pro Training & The Rig Out lads...

Shot in LA - with a nod to USA 94 - 'LAds' follows two soccer-come-surf casuals on a tour of Venice Beach.

Umbro Pro Training, worn famously by Johnny Barnes in his 'World in Motion' cameo, led the way in 1990s kit manufacturing. Its contemporary cousin, while sticking to the original printing techniques, sees updates to fabrications and poly-mesh linings.

The SS15 collection consists of twenty-eight pieces, in four colour options. Enough to keep Psycho screaming.

All looks pretty rad, eh? Better get down to your local Size? vendor and grab the lot.

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