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Barrie Dunbavin


Barrie Dunbavin is a North-West based photographer and a regular Halcyon contributor. His photographs of the day we spent fly-fishing with a load of Univeral Works clobber can be seen in the Style section of this site.

Unlikely Style Icon: Annie Hall

09.03.15  /  Words: Jonathan Frederick Turton  /  Images: Barrie Dunbavin  /  Styling: Matthew Staples

Unlikely Style Icon: Annie Hall

Annie Hall is one of our favourite films. A nervous romance steeped in New York City lure- with a script that feels brand new, still- it’s a vi...  Read More

Universal Works: A Guide To Fly Fishing

08.09.14  /  Words: Matthew Staples  /  Images: Barrie Dunbavin  /  Styling: Matthew Staples

Universal Works: A Guide To Fly Fishing

When you think of fly fishing, you may immediately imagine a typical participant’s attire to be somewhat gentrified; blazers, check shirts, natty ties, corduroy and ...  Read More

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